Loeries 2015 & Independent Media Judges Wrap Party

The Independent Media / Loeries 2015 Judges Wrap party held at Elangeni Hotel on 13th August 2015

The 13th August 2015 saw the Loeries 2015 Judges Wrap party being held at the Elangeni Hotel, in conjunction with Independent Media.
Keeping with the venues original tone and theme, we needed to supply décor and furniture to compliment the setting. A fresh, crisp, clean look was the order of the day. 

The entrance was set with two white plinths and large Gladiola arrangements, being the first point of contact for the guests it is important that the look and feel of the event is brought across straight away. Glass cocktail tables with simple and elegant white flower arrangements greeted the guests once they had registered. Seating came in the form of stylish white leather backless barstools. 

Following through the venue, simple but effective flowers arrangements, done in-house by FFA of course, flowed from the large center table, to coffee tables and the remaining cocktail tables. White leather couches, each flanked by stylish and clean looking white fringe curtains were brought in to soften the tone in the room and create alternate pockets for guest seating. Chrome and glass coffee tables allowed us to keep a slightly more formal feel, even though it was a party, we didn’t want it to feel too relaxed.  

Loeries 2015_orig.jpg

As with any event and function, bringing in elements of colour is important. Too much in a subtle environment and you feel overwhelmed, too little and you are left feeling desperate to break the bland and dull mood created. With the venue overlooking the beach and have a clean beach vibe, we brought in subtle tones of stone and cream in the form of cream scroll table cloths for the cocktail tables, and stone printed cushions from the exciting range supplied by Craig Adam Original Designs. Hints of red were also seen as Independent Media were the primary backing for this particular event.

And of course with it being an indoor evening event, no setting is complete without the plentiful use of candle light. The depth and texture created on the tables would just not have been the same without the use of our stunning silver pillar candle holder and glass votives. 

The overall look and feel of the event was definitely exciting, yet kept within the boundries of a formal judges wrap party. This was definitely a successful setup and a brilliant event to be a part of. 

Thank you Loeries and Independent Media for being a great group of people to work with!!